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The European Society of Psychology ( ESP ) has increased its expansion in recent years to become a leader in Europe in the service of quality and excellence in graduate education in psychology and psychological practice , working with a variety public and private institutions in different countries. In Spain , the ESP works in conjunction with the Spanish Association of Clinical Psychology Cognitive Behavioral ( AEPCCC ) offering various courses and masters in the field of psychological intervention .

This organization was founded by experts in psychology and in the hands of its various international representatives , has acquired a remarkable reputation the notes as a successful consultant in the field of psychology graduate training .

In keeping with its commitment to excellence in Professional Practice , the ESP offers highly specialized training, based on two pillars:

- A high quality education , laying the foundations for a solid and sufficient professional future.
- An eminently practical education , which train students in the practice of his profession .

What can you study in Spain?

- Master of Forensic Legal Psychology
- Master of Gestalt Therapy .
- Master in Systemic Brief Therapy .

In addition , the European Society Of Psychology offers a lot of Masters and Courses In Spain through the Spanish Association of Cognitive Behavioral Clinical Psychology .